Marcus & Kevin visits!

Last Saturday, it was an honour to have Marcus and Kevin (dad and son pair) with us – to coach us with our current Niibori pieces! It was some of the new members’ first time meeting them, but it was definitely an enriching experience for all of us!

Marcus told us that he joined the club many many years ago, where he led the club from a pure prime guitar ensemble to a niibori one. The TPGC members then did various fund raising activities – concerts, competitions, etc, just to raise funds to build a Niibori ensemble at that time. Being such an inspiration to all (his son Kevin included), Kevin joined TPGC at a young age of 5! He then decided to pursue music more seriously at 13 in the UK, and has now returned to serve the nation :p We are so glad to have both of them back to join us last Saturday!

Here’s a hardworking TPGC at work, with Kevin’s guidance and conducting –


After numerous rounds of practising our dynamics / finger techniques for certain portions of the song, we are finally done for the day, and Kevin surprised us with four songs he performed!

It’s amazing how Kevin can make such awesome music by just moving his fingers :p there’s so much for us to learn from him! Fun facts: 1) Kevin practises one hour of (intense) finger exercises before the main pieces daily. :O and 2) The tuning board of his guitar already costs around $1000!

It was definitely a fun session with both Marcus and Kevin! TPGC has learnt so much from them in the short 2 hours they were here. The father and son pair were so cheerful and enthusiastic in sharing with us their experiences. They promised to come visit more often, and we certainly hope they do so!

With lots of guitar love,


ps. Bonus photo! Andrew’s selfie with all of us 😀