Our People


Sharing is our nucleus, our life. And the courage to dream and strive towards the realisation of that dream is our spark towards our growth and excellence.

People and Progress

People; we believe that through motivated individuals and sincere desire that new heights will be achieved. Our concerted efforts signify our dedication and contribution to the improvement of our club. We encourage undaunted determination and supreme confidence to constantly strengthen our status as a united joyful guitaring kampung for music sharing.

Club was honoured to have individuals with esteemed profile in the guitar music scene to be our Patron and Hononary members of the club. A conferment ceremony was held on 22 April 2006 with the assistance and advice of our alumni Bertrand Lim. For the ceremony, Mr Alex has kindly donated his collection of photographs of the Niibori Orchestra and a signed posted of himself. During the ceremony, Mr Alex was presented with a Ukulele Guitar signed by TPGC members. Also during the ceremony, Mr Alex presented some of his personnel collection of music books to TPGC.

The following is a list of some of the names, compiled of our volunteers, who we are most grateful to for their time and efforts.  We would be expanding and extending the list with time:-

  • 1. Honorary Patron of the Club
    • The late Maestro Alex Abisheganaden (since April 2006)
  • 2.Honorary Members of the Club
    • Mr Ernest Kwok (since April 2006)
    • Dr Larry Francis (since April 2006)
    • Mr Han Vota (since April 2006)
    • Mr Bertrand Lim (1st Jan 2019)
    • Mr Yong Shou Choong (1st Jan 2019)
    • Mr Marcus Loh (1st Jan 2019)
    • Mr Kevin Loh (1st Jan 2019)
  • 3. Past & Present  TPGC Principal Conductors
    • Maestro Alex Abisheganaden
    • Mr Marcus Loh
    • Mr Omar Abu Bakar
    • Mr Robin Ow Yong (2011 to 2013)
    • Mr Goh Choon Liang (2000 to 2001)
    • Mr Yong Shou Choong (2015)
    • Mr Lau Hon Sun (2018)
    • Mr Andrew Teo (2015)
    • Mr Aw Wee Liang (2016)
    • Mr Edwin Foo (2018 to 2019)
    • Mr Eric Goh (2021 to 2023)
  • 4. Guest Conductors 
    • Mr Balraj Gopal (2014, 2018 and 2023)
    • Mr Andrew Wee (2019, 2021 to 2023)
    • Mr Low Kim Pin (2019)
  • 5. TPGC Key Section & Small Group Leaders 
    • Ms Cheng Choo (SL & DJ Guitar Quartet)
    • Mr Andrew Teo (SL)
    • Mr SK
    • Ms Adeline Goh (Simple Group)
    • Mr Edwyn Foo (Cross Culture)
    • Mr Eric Goh (TPGC Niibori Quartet, YE Duo, No Name Guitar Quartet and others)

  • 7. Honorary Photographers & Videographers
    • Mr Thomas Teo
    • Mr Edwyn Foo
    • Mr Jacky
  • 8. Sponsors
    • Toa Payoh Central CC
    • Toa Payoh Central Youth Network