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Q1: When is the club’s recruitment period ?

There is no fixed window for the club’s recruitment period. However, all new potential members will need to attend the a orientation session conducted virtually and will be required to pass an audition test.  Please send us your information via the google form link and we will keep in touch with you soon.

Q2: What are the requirements for joining the club ?

We welcome people who have a keen interest to play and promote guitar music, who is open-minded and likes to learn from other guitarists, at the same time is generous to share their music with others and can contribute to help organising activities to further the Club’s objectives. As such, some playing skills and knowledge of music theory is essential. We welcome those who had taken up courses at a music school like Yamaha Music School, Cristofori, etc to join us.

Q3: Does TPGC conduct beginner class ?

Our club’s philosophy is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and techniques amongst members. TPGC is not a music school and thus we do not conduct regularly scheduled classes, but holds regular weekly club sessions where members play together and learn from one another. In addition, we organise guitar workshops, master-classes, where various topics are shared.

Q4: What kind of music does TPGC plays ?

The repertoires for our guitar orchestra include classical, Latin-American and some pop music. Members are encouraged to form their own groups and try out other music like jazz, bosa nova, pop and contemporary.

Q5: What are the activities which TPGC organise for members ?

Our main activities are our annual Share Concert, Music Camp and Annual Camp. Beside these activities, TPGC also actively take part in Singapore Arts Festival, Fringe Festival, Singapore Guitar Festival and public performance. As there are no full-time management in our club, we count on members to actively organise these programmes.

Q6: Where is TPGC located & what is the frequency of the club sessions ?

TPGC currently housed under Toa Payoh Central Community Club. We are located at 93 Toa Payoh Centre, 3rd Level. Sound-Proof Room, every Saturday from 3.30pm to 6pm.