Club Activities

We often get asked, “What are the activities which TPGC organise for members ?

Well, plenty. Our main activities are our annual Share Concert, Entertainment Time, Music Camp and Annual Camp.

Beside these activities, TPGC also actively take part in Singapore Arts Festival, Fringe Festival, Singapore Guitar Festival and public performance. On top of that, we do conduct overseas trip at an add-hoc basis. The most recent one would be Jeffrey Yong Guitar Making workshop conducted at his factory in Malaysia.

As there are no full-time management in our club, we count on members to actively organise these programmes. So come and join us. Besides exposing yourself to the passion on guitar playing, this is the place to hone your leadership and organisation skills.

List of Activities

– Share Concert

– Music Camp

– Entertainment Time

– Guitar Workshops and Master-Classes by the Maestros

– Overseas Guitar Workshop