Past Club Activities

TPGC 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) | 19th March 2016 (Sat) | 4pm to 6pm @ Toa Payoh Central CC


Dear Members,

Date:               19th March 2016 (Sat)

Time:               4pm to 6pm

Venue:            Toa Payoh Central Community Center, #03-01

This is our 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM). As we are registered under the Society Act, it is our mandate to hold AGM every year. This is the time where the passing baton of the existing Management Committee (MC) to the new MC. Kindly reserve this important date to get update information of our past year activities & welcome our new Management Committee (MC) of 2016. Do also make use of this session to provide your feedback & suggestions on how to manage the club better. Light snack will be available.

For those interested member to run MC 2016, please get a copy of Nomination Form and Guide from the Chairman or Secretary.

This is a Member only event.

Past Club Activities

Nomadic Music Camp 2015, 28th Nov to 29th Nov 2015

Nomadic Music Camp 2015

As we didn’t book the necessary venue in time, this year we are having our Music Camp in “Nomadic” style as such, we term it as “Nomadic Music Camp 2015”. Pay Peng had volunteer to head the event. Take note, this event is solely for Member only.

Date:   28th Nov 2015 (Sat)
Venue:  The Raintree Condominium, Multi-purpose room
Timing: 10am to 9.30pm

Date:   29th Nov 2015 (Sun)
Venue:  Toa Payoh Central CC, Conference Room @ Level 4
Timing: 10am to 6pm
Past Club Activities

Classical Guitar Ensemble Orientation Workshop – starting 5th April 2014, every Sat, 3pm to 4pm

This is a upcoming Brand New activity which is designed for keen guitarist who want to be playing classical guitar together in an ensemble setting. Starting from this 5th April, every Saturday between 3 and 4 pm, there is a programme know as the “Classical Guitar Ensemble Orientation Workshop” which is specifically planned and designed just for you – potential new member (who are thinking of whether to join TPGC or re-joining TPGC).

Some basic details:

Start Date: 5th April 2014, Ever Saturday

Duration:     1 hour (3pm to 4pm)

Email us: