Xpose Guitar Ensemble Annual Concert | PLEIADES | 1st April 2017 (Sat), 7pm @ Victoria Concert Hall

The Xposé Guitar Ensemble is pleased to present <<Pleiades>>, a concert that will take you on a voyage through the stars to different worlds! Marvel at the grandeur of the Pleiades constellation with our very own Bass Guitar concerto, ‘Subaru’!

Take a journey with us through the stars to mystical lands with Lemuel Gulliver as he traverses the different lands of ‘Gulliver’s Travel’, or join in the carousing and dancing of the Southern Islands villagers ‘Karimatanu Kuicha’. You might be inspired by Joe Hisaishi’s ‘The Wind Rises’! Perhaps you’ll even see the star-crossed lovers, Jack and Rose with the ‘Titanic Medley’ and be moved by a priestess’s love for a dashing prince in 雪舞. Many more worlds await you on this voyage through the stars!

Ticket Prices: $25 Adults, $20 Students (before Tote-board arts grant subsidy for educational institutional purchase; $10 after subsidy). For ticket enquiries and purchase, please contact Michelle (97617910) or Shuming (92484737).

**20% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT til 11 March 2017 for non-school orders!!! Get your tickets quick!**