Past Club Performance

TPGC Small Group Performance | 8th Sept 2018 (Sat) 1.30pm @ Bishan CC

The club small group will be performing a short session on the 8th Sept 2018 (Sat) at 1.30pm in Bishan CC. This is an event by RSVP Singapore.


Who RSVP Singapore is? The Organization of Senior Volunteers is a non-profit organization launched by then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in October 1999 and approved as an Institution of Public Character in 1999. Their mission is to provide opportunities for Seniors to serve the community with their talent and experience through purpose-driven volunteerism. They have 3 major services- Befriending, Guiding and Training. Below are the link to their site:-


Past Club Activities

Sharing session by Kim Pin | 16th Jun 2018

Hi all,

Kim Pin (from Kim Guitar Studio) will be at the club for some music sharing on the 16th Jun 2018 (Sat). So don’t miss out on this.. If you are interested in knowing more about him, you can always contact him through the following site:

A short biography of him:-

Low Kim Pin, co-founder of Kim Guitar Studio, classical guitarist, music educator, and early childhood music specialist. He achieved his music diploma course at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. He studied with many renowned classical guitarists around the world. He is also a trained guitar teacher of Dr. Suzuki’s Talent Education Method.



Music Sharing by Kim Pin

Marcus & Kevin visits!

Last Saturday, it was an honour to have Marcus and Kevin (dad and son pair) with us – to coach us with our current Niibori pieces! It was some of the new members’ first time meeting them, but it was definitely an enriching experience for all of us!

Marcus told us that he joined the club many many years ago, where he led the club from a pure prime guitar ensemble to a niibori one. The TPGC members then did various fund raising activities – concerts, competitions, etc, just to raise funds to build a Niibori ensemble at that time. Being such an inspiration to all (his son Kevin included), Kevin joined TPGC at a young age of 5! He then decided to pursue music more seriously at 13 in the UK, and has now returned to serve the nation :p We are so glad to have both of them back to join us last Saturday!

Here’s a hardworking TPGC at work, with Kevin’s guidance and conducting –


After numerous rounds of practising our dynamics / finger techniques for certain portions of the song, we are finally done for the day, and Kevin surprised us with four songs he performed!

It’s amazing how Kevin can make such awesome music by just moving his fingers :p there’s so much for us to learn from him! Fun facts: 1) Kevin practises one hour of (intense) finger exercises before the main pieces daily. :O and 2) The tuning board of his guitar already costs around $1000!

It was definitely a fun session with both Marcus and Kevin! TPGC has learnt so much from them in the short 2 hours they were here. The father and son pair were so cheerful and enthusiastic in sharing with us their experiences. They promised to come visit more often, and we certainly hope they do so!

With lots of guitar love,


ps. Bonus photo! Andrew’s selfie with all of us 😀

Others Concert

Grande de Bal by GENUS | 25th March 2018 (Wed) @ 7pm | University Culture Center Theatre

The picture say it all. Do contact them for more information.


Protego Maxima concert by Xpose Guitar Ensemble | 4th March 2018 (Sun) | 4pm @ SOTA Concert Hall

Here’s a concert blurb for your reference:

The Xposé Guitar Ensemble is pleased to present <<Protego Maxima>>, a celebration of humanity and human nature that brings together the passions and practices that bind us together!

Be astounded by the grandeur of ‘Tori no Uta’, which expresses the limitless boundaries of the sky. Be bemused by the various whimsical turns of ‘Triptyque’ and ‘Ponte Felice’ that might bring a grin to your face. If passion is your cup of tea, you might be stirred into action and frenzy by our tunes from Studio Ghibli’s ‘Porco Rosso’ and Space Battleship Yamato or the lament of a woman fighting against injustice as a sovereign in our ‘Forbidden City’ selections. Perhaps a touch of magic and the fantastical would draw you in with our tunes from ‘Fantastical Beasts and where to find them’ or your feet might start tap-tap-tapping away to traditional Japanese festival music in ‘Three scenes of Japan’
There’s a piece and a song for everyone in this fiesta of our humanity and our passions. Come join us! Buy a ticket today!

Ticket Prices: $25 Adults, $20 Students (before Tote-board arts grant subsidy for educational institutional purchase; $10 after subsidy; subsidy confirmation pending).

For ticket enquiries and purchase, please contact Michelle (97617910) or Leo (96446778).

*20% Early Bird for all adult and student tickets purchased before 4 Feb 2018! That means $20 for adults and $16 for students only!

**Early Bird discount will not apply to bulk orders purchased under tote-board grant subsidy for educational institutions.

Others Concert

5th Guitarra Impressiones by Guitar Ensemble of Republic Polytechnic (GEnRe) | 4th Feb 2018 @Esplanade Recital Studio

Guitarra Impressiones is back for the 5th consecutive time!

Collaborating with Catholic Junior College, this year will be filled with songs such as “三寸天堂”, and “Summer” by Joe Hisaishi.

Book your tickets now!

For more information, please contact


Suzuki Teacher Guitar Training in 2018 by STEAS

Something for guitarist that are interested in becoming a Suzuki Guitar Teacher. For more information, please contact STEAS.


TPGC Annual General Meeting | 20th Jan 2018 @ 4pm | #03-01

Dear Member,

Once again, it’s the time of the year where the Management Committee 2017 handover the baton to the new elected Management Committee of 2018. Do take note that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is schedule on the 20th Jan 2018 at 4pm. This is a member only event so public or non-member will not be allowed to attend.

Members who wish to have any other issues discussed during the AGM, please forward a written request to the Club secretary at least 1 week ahead of the meeting.

Hope to see all member there.

Past Club Activities

TPGC Christmas Party on 16th December 2017 @ Chinatown, 4pm to 10pm

The club is having a Christmas Party on the 16th Dec 2017 so register asap. We have purchase the door gifts, group games prizes and some lucky draw prizes to be won. Just a reminder, do bring along a Gift (Price at least $10 and above) for the Christmas Gift Exchange slot.


If you (member) are unaware of it, please contact Adeline or Berdy for more info. See you there.

Past Club Performance

TPGC 40th SHARE Concert | 2nd Dec 2017 @ 4.30pm, Toa Payoh Central Community Club, Level 3 Mini Theatre

TPGC’s 40th Share concert. Mark your calendar. See you on 2nd Dec 2017.

Share concert is club’s trademark concert to share both joy and music. It is our club’s bondings and spirit.

More will be announce soon…

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