Members of Toa Payoh Guitar Club

What do members of Toa Payoh Guitar Club do?

We meet every Saturday afternoon 3pm till 6pm in the sound-proof room (#03-01) of the Toa Payoh Central Community Centre.

You are welcome to join us. Or if you would like to sit-in in one of our sessions to observe and get a feel of the club, just contact our officers for membership-in-charge. They will be glad to show you around.

When you signed up as a member, you’re be invited into our main ensemble, playing the first, second, third or fourth guitar. The position will depends on your current playing skill and availablity of that position determined by our conductor.

Your may even be invited to be part of our Niibori Guitar Orchestra performing withNiibori Guitars, like the Alto, Bass, Contrabass, Guitarron, etc.

Small and Vocal Groups

You are also free and very much encouraged to team up with fellow club members to form your own small and vocal groups. While in the main ensemble, the pieces are determined by the conductor. Having your small group means you are free to choose your repertoire based on your musical preference and arrangements.

Come experience playing in a club…

If you have been practising and playing the guitar alone all this while, you ain’t know what you’re missing. In addition, practising with a deadline pushes us forward towards a goal.

Give yourself a chance, Give yourself a year and see for yourself how far and you can go. Most of all, it’s FUN!

Come… join us today.

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